It is possible to visit the museum with schools (primary and secondary education). For more information, please contact us at

Bezoekvoorwaarden groepen en scholen


Do you want to make your presentation about fossils extra fun and interesting? You can rent a box with real fossils from us, such as shark teeth, mammoth teeth, a fossilized fish and a trilobite. The rent costs €5 per week. A deposit of €25 is required when renting a presentation box.

There are also other topics available: dinosaurs, minerals and sharks.

You must pick up and return the box yourselves.

We also offer boxes for teachers. The rent for these boxes is €5 per week.


“De Oertijdmachine” can be played at school. While puzzling and searching, you travel back to the time of the dinosaurs, defy lava, flee from the T-Rex and spend dinocoins in the dino shop. You only have 1 goal: get the treasure map and find Professor Don Dimetro’s treasure!

Available in our museum shop.



Click here for an educational film about 
the dinoman.