How can I access the Oertijdmuseum by public transport?2021-12-29T14:51:19+01:00

You can take the train to Boxtel Station. From there, it is a 20 minute walk to the museum.

It is also possible to take bus nr. 203 from Boxtel Station to the Oertijdmuseum. Exit at De Ketting. From there, it is only 500 meters to the Oertijdmuseum.

Do I need to pay for parking my car?2021-12-29T14:53:43+01:00

Parking your car right in front of our museum is free! When no parking spots are available anymore, you are requested to park at a parkinglot nearby.

Can I use my own handcart in the museum?2021-12-29T14:58:13+01:00

No, you are not allowed to use your buggy or handcart inside and outside of the museum building. If you wish you may use one of our handcarts outside for just €3,-

Is the museum wheelchair-friendly?2021-12-29T15:02:56+01:00

The indoor and outdoor parts of the museum are accessible for wheelchairs.

Can I book a birthday party for my kid?2021-12-29T15:05:30+01:00

Send an e-mail to contact@oertijdmuseum.nl or call +31 411 616861 to book a birthday party.

Can I get a discount with the Museumjaarkaart?2021-12-29T15:07:28+01:00

Unfortunately, we cannot give any discounts for Museumjaarkaart and other passes.

I only want to visit the outdoor part. Can I get a discount?2021-12-29T15:15:35+01:00

No, we only sell tickets to visit both the indoor and the outdoor part.

Can I take my pet to the museum?2021-12-29T15:16:42+01:00

Pets are not allowed at the museum.

Can I visit the museum on Monday?2021-12-29T15:17:37+01:00

No, we are closed on Monday.

My ticket has a timeslot. How long can I stay at the museum?2021-12-29T15:18:50+01:00

Timeslots are meant to regulate arrival times of the visitors. You can stay until closing time (17:00).

How can I book a ticket for my 0-2 year old child?2021-12-29T15:20:04+01:00

Children of 0-2 years old can visit the museum for free. Please book a free ticket when purchasing tickets online.

I booked an e-ticket, but I cannot download it / lost the e-mail, etc.2021-12-29T15:21:36+01:00

For all ticket-related questions, please contact the ticket office. Go to www.oertijdmuseum.nl/en/tickets and click TICKET SUPPORT.

I booked an e-ticket, but I do not have a valid corona QR code. Can I get a refund?2021-12-29T15:23:04+01:00

Refunds are not possible. Please contact the ticket office (www.oertijdmuseum.nl/tickets and click TICKET SUPPORT) to rebook your ticket(s).

Can I rebook my ticket to another date?2021-12-29T15:24:05+01:00

For all ticket-related questions, please contact the ticket office. Go to www.oertijdmuseum.nl/tickets and click TICKET SUPPORT.

Are there still tickets available at the date/time I would like to visit?2021-12-29T15:25:20+01:00

You can check this at www.oertijdmuseum.nl/en/tickets

I have symptoms and cannot visit the museum2021-12-29T15:26:51+01:00

Please stay at home and get tested. Contact the ticket office to rebook your ticket(s) (www.oertijdmuseum.nl/en/tickets and click TICKET SUPPORT)

Do I need a valid corona QR code?2021-12-29T15:27:42+01:00

To visit the museum you must bring a valid corona QR code.

Are the catering and museum shop open?2021-12-29T15:33:33+01:00

The catering and museumshop are currently open.

At the catering we have a coffee machine, and you can buy pre-packed sandwiches, icecream, crisps, and soft drinks.

At the museumshops you can buy souvenirs such as fossils, stuffed animals, dinosaur toys.

Do I need to book tickets in advance?2021-12-29T15:34:53+01:00

Yes, please book a ticket with a timeslot at www.oertijdmuseum.nl/en/tickets.

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