In our laboratories, geological and paleontological research and preparation work is carried out, for our museum but also on behalf of others. We are currently working on:

  • A skeleton of a Diplodocus from the Morrison Formation, Late Jurassic, Wyoming (USA)
  • Ichthyosaurus from the Early Jurassic, Dotternhausen (Southern Germany)
  • Fossil fish from Oligocene of France and also Cretaceous Ammonites from Morocco and France

Volunteers are always welcome to help. Please inform with if interested.


The Oertijdmuseum in Boxtel reconstructed the last carnivorous dinosaur in the Netherlands using no more than one single femur bone. At 3 meters long, the Betasuchus bredai is a lot smaller than its American relative, the T-Rex. “What makes him special to us is that he actually lived here in this area,” says museum director Fraaije.


The Oertijdmuseum has been able to take over several sauropod skeletons from the Saurier Museum Aathal in Switzerland for preparation and assembly. These are the skeletons known as ‘Aurora’, ‘Brösmeli’, ‘Twin’, ‘Triplo’, and ‘XL’. These were found between 1990 and 1996 in Wyoming, USA. First, preparation was done on ‘Brösmeli’ by 50 volunteers in 3 years time. It was thought that this was a Diplodocus, but an intern concluded that it might be an entirely new genus and species. This will become clear in 2022 and the preparation of ‘Aurora’ will also start.